118MHz - 137MHz Multipole Composite High Pass Filter

FM broadcasting band rejection: 100dB
  Filter plot  

AirBand filter ON-OFF response plot.
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Short Video Clip Demo showing attenuation outside Airband

  AirCraft Band RF Filter ; SKU: HS-118HPF £ 165.00 Order  
  The set includes: AirBand filter filter and user manual in CDROM format.

  Generak Purpose Low Pass Filters range from 100kHz up to 500MHz.  





Range of thirty five frequencies Low Pass Filters.
Covering from 100kHz to 500MHz

Essential on measurement applications, suitable for Receivers , RF Generators, Local oscillators, RF amplifiers, RF mixers, etc.

- Topology: Passive, 7th order, Elliptic
- Input/Output impedance: 50 Ohm.
- Insertion loss: < 0.3 dB
- Sharp roll-off, Stop band attenuation: see plots.
- Power rating: 27dBm
- Connectors: BNC or SMA. Customize versions available.
- Size: 56mmx20mmx20mm( 2.205x0.787x0.787in)

Available frequencies

- 100kHz
- 300kHz
- 500kHz
- 600kHz
- 620kHz
- 800kHz

- 900kHz
- 1.3MHz
- 1.5MHz
- 2.0MHz

- 3.0MHz
- 4.2MHz
- 4.5MHz
- 5.0MHz
- 6.0MHz

- 9.0MHz
- 10.0MHz
- 15.0MHz
- 17.0MHz
- 20.0MHz
- 30.0MHz
- 45.0MHz
- 60.0MHz
- 70.0MHz
- 88.0MHz
- 90MHz
- 100MHz
- 150MHz
- 200MHz
- 220MHz
- 250MHz
- 300MHz
- 400MHz
- 500MHz


General purpose Low Pass Filters.



  Low Pass Filters connector options. Price Order
  BNC connectors £ 55.00 Order
  SMA connectors £ 65.00 Order

Other connector options available, please ask.


All models include:
Mini Low Pass Filters., user manual in CDROM format.


  MW Broadcast Band Rejection Filter. BCB filter. (No relays) 200 Watts power rating.  


Attenuates signals from the MW broadcast band more than 80 dB.
Connected in-line with any 1.8 - 60 MHz HF transceiver, transmits right through it.
Instantly switches from transmit to receive and back again.

No switching relays, no moving parts. No relay time delays.
Compatible with the output of a typical class HF transceiver.

Also suitable to be inserted between a HF transceiver and an amplifier or a tuner.
Totally passive T/R (Transmit/Receive) operation.
Does not require connection to a power supply.


- Power rating: 200Watts
- Frequency range: 1.8MHz-60MHz
- Impedance: 50 Ohm.
- T130 size toroidal cores.
- 1% tolerance Silvered mica capacitors.
- Pass band loss: < 0.85dB (1.8MHz )
- Pass band Loss: < 0.25dB (3-60MHz)
- Max attenuation: > 80dB
- Return loss: > 20dB (1.8 MHz through 30 MHz)
- Connectors: SO-239 or "N" option
- Size: 148mmx55mmx50mm(5.827x2.165x1.969in)


MW Broadcast Band Rejection Filter
User manual.



Attenuates the spurious signals from AM broadcast band, well know enemies of SW receivers, that cause birdies and IMD, overloading and de-sensing receiver front-ends.
This filter allows to work all of 160 Meters, including the CW portion of the band without the interferences normally experienced by receivers due to overload from the strong commercial AM broadcast band signals
Very sharp slope occurring at 1.8MHz, keeps without attenuation all signals at 1.8MHz and above, including the CW portion of the 160 meters band.
Low pass band insertion loss, less than 1 dB typical on all pass band response.
No switching relays are needed.
Suitable for inserting between transceiver and antenna.

  MW Broadcast Band Rejection filter.BCB filter options  
  MW Broadcast Band Rejection filter. Connector option: SO-239 ; SKU: HS-300SO £ 144.00 Order  
  MW Broadcast Band Rejection filter. Connector option: N ; SKU: HS-300N £ 155.00 Order  
  The set includes:
BCB filter and user manual in CDROM format.