Variable 0dB to 71dB Step Attenuator Ladder Configuration. 1dB step.  


  BNC connector version  


N connector version. Includes connector saving adaptor
  SMA connector version. Includes connector saving adaptor  



The variable step attenuator presented here for measurement purposes, is an inestimable tool for accurate control of amplitude levels. In addition, it improves the impedance match between impedance-sensitive devices, such as amplifiers, oscillators and filters, lowering the VSWR of components connected in cascaded mode by providing isolation between the impedances.
Furthermore, the step attenuator is suitable for receiver front-end protection or as calibrated attenuator for receiving performance evaluation.
The attenuator in ladder configuration uses eight high quality low stray capacitance double pole double throw (DPDT) toggle switches to select different amounts of attenuation.
The unit provides 0-71 dB of attenuation in 1 dB step.
Based on Mini-circuits PAT+ series, wideband DC to 7GHz fixed ceramic attenuator cells of 1dB-2dB-3dB-5dB-10dB-10dB-20dB-20dB, it gives a precise reference of attenuation
BNC connectors protected with no short-circuited metallic dust caps are used at each end of the attenuator. Connector options available.

- Attenuation cells: Minicircuits PAT series cells.
- Attenuation range: By-pass (0dB) - 71 dB
- Step attenuation: 1dB
- Power rating: 1-Watt (30dBm) max
- Impedance: 50 Ohms
- Connectors: standard: BNC, optional: N, SMA
- External dimensions: 148mmx37mmx30mm(5.827x1.457x1.181in)

  0 - 71 dB Step Attenuator, Ladder Configuration. Connector options.  
  0-71dB Step attenuator. Ladder configuration. Connector option: BNC ; SKU: HS-512B £ 153.00 Order  
  0-71dB Step attenuator. Ladder configuration. Connector option: N; Includes save connectors; SKU: HS-512N £ 174.00 Order  
  0-71dB Step attenuator. Ladder configuration. Connector option: SMA; Includes save connectors ; SKU: HS-512S £ 183.00 Order  

  Range of thirty five Low Pass Filters from 300kHz up to 500MHz.  





Range of thirty five frequencies Low Pass Filters
Covering from 300kHz to 500MHz

Essential on measurement applications, suitable for Receivers , RF Generators, Local oscillators, RF amplifiers, RF mixers, etc.

- Topology: Passive, 7th order, Elliptic
- Input/Output impedance: 50 Ohm.
- Insertion loss: < 0.3 dB
- Sharp roll-off, Stop band attenuation: see plots.
- Power rating: 27dBm
- Connectors: BNC or SMA. Customize versions available.
- Size: 56mmx20mmx20mm( 2.205x0.787x0.787in)

Available frequencies

- 100kHz
- 300kHz
- 500kHz
- 600kHz
- 620kHz
- 800kHz

- 900kHz
- 1.3MHz
- 1.5MHz
- 2.0MHz

- 3.0MHz
- 4.2MHz
- 4.5MHz
- 5.0MHz
- 6.0MHz

- 9.0MHz
- 10.0MHz
- 15.0MHz
- 17.0MHz
- 20.0MHz
- 30.0MHz
- 45.0MHz
- 60.0MHz
- 70.0MHz
- 88.0MHz
- 90MHz
- 100MHz
- 150MHz
- 200MHz
- 220MHz
- 250MHz
- 300MHz
- 400MHz
- 500MHz


Mini LPF filters catalogue

  Range of Low Pass Filters options.  
  Connector  option Price Order
  Other connector options available, please ask.    
  BNC connectors £ 55.00 Order
  SMA connectors £ 65.00 Order

All models include:
Mini Low Pass Filters., user manual in CDROM format.


  General purpose impedance measurement bridge.  

Connector options


General purpose measurement bridge designed to be allocated near the DUT with shorten connections.
As general purpose bridge it can be use together with other measurement instruments up to 100MHz. It is capable of being used up to 150MHz.

- Impedance: 50
- Range: 50kHz to 100MHz (usable up to 150MHz)
- Directivity: Better than 50dB@50MHz; 40dB@100MHz
- Insertion loss: 13dB
-Size: 55mmx37mmx20mm (2.165 x 1.457x 0.787 in)
-Connector Options: SMA, BNC or combination of both.


Data sheet

  Impedance measurement bridge options  
  Impedance Measurement Bridge. Connector option: BNC ; SKU: HS-600B £ 73.00 Order  
  Impedance Measurement Bridge. Connector option: N ; SKU: HS-600N £ 83.00 Order  
  Impedance Measurement Bridge. Connector option: SMA ; SKU: HS-600S £ 90.00 Order  
The set includes:
Impedance Measurement Bridge, user manual in CDROM format.


40dB Tab attenuator. Panoramic Transceiver adapter. Transmission signal sampling.


Lets to connect a SDR radio to your transceiver as Panoramic adapter.
Measure or display transmitter output via sampling signals.

The "T" attenuator extends the range of measurement of any instrument such as Logarithmic Detectors, Spectrum Analysers, Oscilloscopes, RF voltmeters, etc.

For example if a Logarithmic Detector with +10dBm range is connected to the "T" attenuator if range extends to 50dBm or 100Watts.

Configuration: Three 50 ports. High power Input/Output, 40dB Att. Output.

Power Rating: 100 Watts

Frequency response: DC to 500MHz, 1dB

Connectors: SO-239 (Input/Output high power);BNC att output. (N connectors option)

Size: 110mmx37mmx40mm( 4.331x1.457x1.575in)



Monitoring the RF output of a transceiver or transmitter. Diagram

  40dB "T" attenuator options  
  40dB "T" attenuator. Connector option: SO-239 ; SKU: HS-540SO £ 75.00 Order  
  40dB "T" attenuator. Connector option: N ; SKU: HS-540N £ 87.00 Order  
  The set includes:
40dB "T" attenuator, user manual in CDROM format and BNC-BNC coaxial cable tail.